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Measure your lawn to
Get an Easy Price Estimate

Why measure your lawn first?

Measuring your lawn and providing us your area in square feet will allow us to accurately give you a better price estimate for your lawn care needs. This reduces the back and forth calls and emails, making the initial process much more easy for us and for you!

See below on how to get this done! 

Step 1

Enter your address

Visit to get your lawn measured digitally from anywhere. Just simply first type in your address, then hit "Start measuring".

measuremylawn home page

Step 2

Choose a tool

Click the drawing tool from the right bar. For this, we recommend "Area (free draw)" as you have more freedom to click and draw the area of your lawn.

measuremylawn- picking a tool

Step 3

Draw your lawn

After choosing your tool, draw a shape around your lawn that you want to be treated by us. 

measuremylawn - outlining your lawn

Step 4

Subtract your property

Draw another shape, this time it will be the perimeter of your property. Then, hit subtract from the blue settings icon. The red shape indicates that the area is subtracted, leaving only the green area (lawn). The total area can be seen on the bottom left: 7544.11 sq ft. Enter that in the contact form to get a free price estimate!

measuremylawn- subtract your property

All done measuring your lawn? 
Let's enter that SQFT in the contact form!

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